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Writing Weekend…

I’m planning to do as much writing as possible this weekend. At minimum, I MUST finish the third chapter of Furious on the very outside chance I win the second round of the FFF hook contest. Ideally, I would prefer to finish SEVERAL more chapters. Thanks to the comments on my hook, I know that this particular idea is at least partially as unique and interesting as I (being the author) already hoped. Now I just need to put in the blood, sweat, and tears to get the first draft down so I can polish it as needed and start querying. Yay!

I’ve commissioned ‘s talented husband to create some art for my website, which I’m excited about. My current website is blah and boring, but that’s because I don’t plan to invest a bunch of money on it until such time as I’m published and actually making money off my writing. And can, you know, write it off! 😉 But I did want to get some pretty art made, if only for my own benefit. Whether or not the particular books the art is based off of ever get published, it will jazz up the website and be great eye candy. I’m excited to see what he comes up with based on my haphazard concepts and descriptions. *grin*

Speaking of , she and I have a tentative plan to try and get some word wars in over the weekend. Stop in off and on and try to catch us! =) Assuming you have time and interest, of course.

Word War Anyone?

I think I may log in to the FM Word Wars Chat Room tonight and see if anyone wants to war. I’ll prolly keep myself logged on for awhile until (if) someone shows up to war. And if nobody does, I’ll try and war with myself for at least an hour. I need some words! We were busy with mostly family stuff this weekend (we wanted to spend a lot of time together since husband was out of town the week of the 9th and then the baby was with my mother’s all last weekend).

We visited two different parks and walked 2 miles on trails each day. We love doing that! We have a nice Jeep jogging stroller so we can walk over any surface we want. We also took Zack over to the playground where he had his first ride on the baby swing, and LOVED running all over the mulch, falling and getting back up. He also made a little “girlfriend” who went down the double slide next to him (I was holding him and swooshing him down next to her). We got pictures and it was completely adorable! I’ll post some if I can remember, once husband uploads them.

So, if anyone wants to war a bit tonight, and is available, feel free to stop by! =) (And I will continue trying to NOT be twitchy waiting for my hook crit to be posted on FFF. It figures that the ones before AND after my number were posted in the first couple of batches! =) )

Furious Word Count Update…

So the loverly and I word warred for a total of 30 minutes tonight (3 sessions spread out over an hour or so) and I hit a total of 1k for the day. Not as much as I’d hoped, but since I’m a bit rusty at warring and I haven’t really outlined or plotted this one very extensively, I’ll take it! I’m planning to log on to the FM WW chat off and on this weekend in the hopes of getting a few more wars going. I’m also trying to remember to log on to Trillian so I can be available on yahoo messenger.

Current Furious Count:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,800 / 60,000

Not great, but not bad either!!! Since nobody else seems to be around (not complaining, mind you, I decided to do this on very short notice), and I haven’t been sleeping well, I’m off to bed now.

Word War: Tonight from 7 to 10 pm Central…

Which is I think 8 to 11 Eastern and 5 to 8 Pacific…At any rate, after dinner and settling in baby, I am planning to log onto FM Chat and war war WAR (even if only with myself) in an effort to log in a decent word count. I handwrote about 3ish pages during lunch, which is probably around 600 words, and I would LOVE to get at least another 1400 tonight so as to hit an even 2k. Please, please, please, if you are available (whether for just 10 minutes or the whole time) and interested (hee), show up so I don’t feel like a lonely loser.

For those who are unfamiliar with the word war concept, it goes like this. We log onto the word wars chat room at and “compete” against each other to see who can get the highest word count in a set amount of time, which ranges anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 usually. Honestly, though, everyone wins whether they get the “highest” word count or not, because you get more words than when you started. (Provided you’re actually trying, I mean!) It’s just a way to cheer each other on and spur each other to higher word counts, whatever the final number is.

Hope to see at least one or two other people tonight!