Took the Plunge…

…and sent an e-query to an editor at Kensington, as well as a partial submission to Dorchester. I ended up just putting the address with a line at the end: Attn: Editorial Assistant and skipping a “Dear Whoever” entirely. If (when? hehe – just kidding!) they reject my partial, I’m sure it won’t be because of that. =)

Looking forward to my first last class tonight. It should actually be my second session of my last Master’s class, but I was sick last week so couldn’t make it. I’m looking forward to it since it’s a topic I really enjoy, Managing Human Resources. Just don’t get me thinking about how much the blasted book was USED!…Grr! 😉

Still waffling on whether to focus on my adult UF, my YA UF, or taking up a YA SF of some sort…I’ll keep poking at the YA UF in the meantime. Kristin Nelson said that editors are really wanting to see YA paranormals that don’t involve vampires or shapeshifters, and mine has neither (so far)!


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