I’ve decided to submit Reborn in Fire over the transom to Dorchester. I’m poring over their website and submission guidelines, and they say to direct anything (unless otherwise directed) to Editorial Assistant. Ugh. I hate that, just because it makes addressing it a pain. Do I just say, “Dear Editorial Assistant” ? I DO NOT want to say “To Whom it May Concern.” I’d prefer to not do the “Attn: Editorial Assistant” thing unless that’s the only option. What say my flist members?


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  1. I used to write Dear Sir or Madam, but that seems so formal nowadays. However, if it is a hard copy submission, that’s probably what I would do still.

    • I’ve sometimes considered just skipping the salutation and going right to the letter without a “Dear” anyone, though I’ve never actually done it. I wonder if it wouldn’t be okay, though–we’re all kind of used to it from email these days.

      • Yeah, it’s tempting. I would assume they aren’t that hung up on how these are addressed since they don’t list specific agent names on the submission guidelines page, except for a few specific things like the African American subs…

  2. I’d go with ‘Attn: Ed Ass’ (you get the idea).
    And how exciting! What made you decide to take the leap? I find that terribly exciting, to be honest. You’ll have to let me know what sort of response time you get.
    Fingers crossed! Dorchester loves pulling people out of the slush pile!

    • Hehe…Ed Ass…I kinda like the sound of that. 😉 I don’t think they’d appreciate the abbreviation though. =)
      Well, I guess I’m just tired of all the partial and full requests with the inevitable “We like it but we don’t love it enough to rep it” responses I’m getting from the agent circuit. I understand why they say that–cause it’s true–and I will keep querying agents in the meantime, but I figured I’d try my hand at a few houses that accept unagented submissions just to see what happens. I think my idea is fairly unique and the book is fairly strong, so…I dunno. I just want to see what sort of response it gets from publishers, I guess.
      And thank you. I hope that proves to be the case with me!!!

      • I don’t blame you. If UN doesn’t take off with the first 10 agents or so that I have picked out, I’m heading for publishers.
        Did you send the whole book or a partial? Cause you know, if you just sent a partial I think you can multi-query…I think.

      • That’s not bad! You might ask around and see if you can query partials – I know Harlequin takes slush subs, and their HQN line pubs paranormals too…