Yeah – Still Sick…

*sigh* Just as I feared, the chest cold has settled into place and just WILL NOT go away! Those stupid antibiotics were making me feel funky again so I stopped taking them and called the doc’s office. Of course she’s out today *sigh* so not available to call anything in, PLUS I’ve only seen her once (my last doctor left private practice to go work at a university or something) so the medical assistant thought she’d want to see me before prescribing something anyway. So I made an appointment for 10:30 tomorrow morning. I will beg and plead for a cough syrup with codeine so I can get sleep and a Z-pack to kill this gunk in my chest. That’s what my old doctor always prescribed and it always works. It just sucks I have to resort to this EVERY single time I get a chest cold and I have to blow half my sick days on one illness. I just thank God the two years I REALLY needed this not to happen–the year I was pregnant and the year after, when I had no sick time thanks to maternity leave–it actually didn’t.

And also that I now have 3 weeks of vacation because I’m gonna need ’em!

Also, sorry for the boring whiney posts but no writing until I feel better.


One response to “Yeah – Still Sick…

  1. I don’t know if you’ve tried this, Kait, but during my last, thoroughly obnoxious cold that tried to settle in my chest I took Robitussin CF Chest Congestion cough syrup. Tastes absolutely disgusting, but it really did work. You need to take it every 4 hours, so I’d wake myself up coughing at least once at night and have to take more, but it seemed to take effect pretty quickly and really kill the coughing.
    Good luck at the doctors!