Still Sick and Still Sick of It…

Gah. I know there are people who have things much worse than I do–battling extreme adversity, hunger, floods, pestilence, plagues, war, etc.–and I send them positive vibes and financial support whenever I can. But seriously. I am so ever-loving sick of being sick I could just scream. And really, it’s just the cough thing that makes me so crazy. Partially as a result of having the whooping cough in third grade (you know it’s bad when a third-grader would rather have been in school the entire 5 weeks than out sick…whooping cough is just AWFUL and I SO understand why so many children died of it back in the day), no doubt. I just can’t stand the hack, hack, gasp for breath, hack, hack until you spit up phlegm or downright vomit. UGH!

I also can’t stand it because it happened to me 3 out of the last 5 years where I got a cold, then that chronic cough stuff that’s going around, then it turned into bronchitis and I had to expend half of my sick days simply because the coughing gets worse at night and I can’t sleep so consequently in the morning I’m too exhausted and weak to go to work. I had a coughing fit an hour or so ago and it hurt my chest so bad I seriously thought I was going to see busted blood vessels or something! 😛

I’ve tried to go to sleep several times the past couple hours, but no luck. *sigh* Guess I’ll break out husband’s new Nintendo DS (their handheld game thingie) and comfort myself with good ole Super Mario Brothers. God knows I feel too crappy to do something constructive like, you know, write. *mumblegrumblecurse*

This concludes you’re irregularly scheduled pity party. Thanks for listening to me whine!


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