Sooooo Sick of Being Sick…

*cry* My baby boy is MORE than making up for being so healthy the first year of his life. We’ve only had one completely healthy week out of the past…what? 5? 6? weeks. Now we’ve moved on to a chest cold. The baby developed it first (naturally), the main symptom being a nasty little hacking cough. Then on Friday it finally settled into husband and me, and we spent just about all weekend laying around the house doing nothing. Other than going out to eat because neither of us were up to cooking. Today, husband felt well enough to go to work but thanks to my hacking cough I hardly slept and my chest and throat hurt like hell. I swear, for the past 5 years this is what happens to me every time I get a chest cold. It settles into my chest and develops into bronchitis. Then I spend a month coughing, with or without antibiotics. *cry*

Well, I have antibiotics already (from a skin condition) that I haven’t been taking. They were making me feel ill so I decided to go off them for a bit and then try again, just in case it wasn’t them. So now I’m going to try them again just in case this HAS already turned into bronchitis. The antibiotics do nothing against the cold, but they help clear up bronchitis once that sets in. And if I’m still coughing really badly later on, I’m going to see if my doctor will call in a prescription cough syrup so I can sleep tonight.

Argh! Needless to say that was a wasted weekend of no writing!


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