Writing Stuff…

I just got four more queries for RIF into the mail. I haven’t heard anything on the partial JF at BookEnds requested, but that’s not surprising. Partials and fulls always take longer since they require a bigger time commitment on the agent’s part. And, as it should be, their existing clients take precedence over everything else. The more I read her blog, though, the more I think she and I would really be a great agent-writer fit. Of course, I’m still not getting my hopes up. =)

I must admit (she said guiltily) that I did not accomplish any words last night due to the evil that is American Idol. I am not a diehard fan of that show by any means, but every 2 or 3 seasons I get into it and watch it for awhile before getting bored with it. I just love singing (and wish I could carry a tune myself!) and I get a kick out of Simon telling it like it is. Sure, he’s a lot meaner than most people, but I generally prefer to hear reality over not necessarily true niceties. Then again, I’m not the one up on the stage facing him!

Hoping for better results tonight. Actually, I think I may see if husband minds watching Zack if I want to head to Panera for a couple hours. I get much better results when I do that!


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