…but not the fun kind. Heh. Last night the baby and I went grocery shopping while husband cooked supper. Actually, the second store was almost fun because I put the baby in one of those race car shopping carts for the first time, and he LOVED it! I was a bit apprehensive at first over whether he was big enough, but he was. Almost made me tear up! Zack’s 14 months now and tall like his daddy. I tightened the strap as tightly as I could and he sat there just having a ball. He loved facing forward, playing with the steering wheel, and babbled up a storm, saying “Hi!” to everyone. The other shoppers got almost as big a kick out of the whole thing as he did. Babies–and big boys–are too cute!

Um, so yeah. After shopping in two different stores, it was almost 8:00 by the time we got home. We ate dinner, watched tv for a bit, and then it was bed time. So no words last night, but I’m hopeful about tonight. =)


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