Paper’s Done – Hallelujah!…

Whew. That’s one weight off my shoulder. I turned in my 25- (actually 26, but who’s counting?) page paper last night. What a relief! Now I just have one more class (a beginning HR class I’m taking because I really enjoyed my Legal Aspects of HR Management class and because I need one more course the way I set up my student loan funds this year), and then I graduate with my Master’s in Legal Analysis in May. Yay! SOOO ready to be done with school!

The world-building for Night and Day (NAD, an even more amusing abbreviation than SOD) is going really well. Trying to start the first scene, however, not so much. I just can’t figure out the right place, or POV to start. It’s going to be written in alternating first person between the two MC’s, or at least that’s my plan. I used to HATE first person POV, but I just love it for urban fantasy and paranormals. And now I can’t imagine using third person for those genres.

At any rate, I keep changing my mind on which sister to start with, or which beginning scene is actually the right place to start. I want to show the actual curse on-stage, but I also want to establish the conflict between the two sisters from the beginning. I’m also considering beginning with the vampire cop showing up at a murder scene, since I’m going to market this as Law and Order meets Charmed/Underworld, and L&O almost always starts with a body. But I’m sure a ton of uf books start that way, so I’m wavering. Once I figure this out, I think it will go more smoothly. But for now, it’s driving me crazy!

Ah well, such is the writing life!


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