Quickie Update…

M.R. at Writers House passed on RIF. She just said she wasn’t the right agent for the book, so nothing to glean except she said no. =)

I’ll be really busy for the next week or so finishing up my Master’s paper, but I’m HOPING to get some time to work on The Stuff of Dreams (hereinafter referred to as “SOD.” Hee. I love that abbreviation.) This will be book four of finished, adult paranormal/urban fantasy projects, so maybe it will prove to be that “magic” number four someone was referencing on their blog recently. I think it was Kristin Nelson. *grin*

Even if it’s not, I can already tell it’s going to be a lot of fun to write. Darker, edgier, definitely urban fantasy rather than paranormal romance. Looking forward to it.


4 responses to “Quickie Update…

    • Yeah, I laughed at reading that, just because you can’t tell anything from averages. That average could come from 100 people selling their first novel and 100 selling their 30th, plus a few actually being in that “magic” range of 4 or so. =)