Good News, Bad News…

The good news is I am receiving a sort of lateral promotion at work that may provide future opportunities at a real promotion. I don’t want to go into a bunch of details here, but I am excited for the opportunity. I would really prefer to stay at my firm as I think it’s a great plus and I don’t want to lose my vacation and maternity leave that I’ve accrued!

The bad news is another form rejection, this one from G.C. I would have loved her as an agent, but c’est la vie. =)

Oh. I finally got my rear in gear with putting my website together. I’ve been waffling on whether I should get it going now or later, and a few things the past couple days pushed me into it. One: I read a published author who mentioned her agent specifically commented her professional-looking site was a factor in the offer of representation. Two: I want a place to store pictures because it comes up from time to time (like recently!). Three: I want a place to offer some free online reads just to give a taste of my writing style. Four: I noticed somebody had registered, so I wanted to reserve ASAP. And Five: I want a place to put ooh shiny pretties!

Speaking of ooh shiny pretties, I would love to get a few custom graphics made for my site. Specifically, a couple representing elements of my writing, maybe a bit from my WIPs. Anyone know of any artists (professional or serious amateurs) who might be willing to put something together for me for not a terrible amount of money? I don’t expect anything for free, just a reasonable price. Something I could, you know, afford. =) Husband, an IT guy, recommended I use until such time as I sell and have more money to invest, and so far it’s suiting my purposes admirably. Hella easy enough for me to use myself, and I have something simple but professional that I’m happy with, but I would LOVE to have one or two custom-made pretties to display. (Husband’s majored in studio art with a minor in multimedia, but unfortunately he can only draw things he sees IRL or copy pictures. And, unfortunately, I don’t know any phoenixes, dragons, angels, or psychics to have model for him. 😉

Okie, sorry for the long post. I’ll stop babbling now! When I’m more happy with the website, I’ll prolly post the link. Um, of course, I already gave the domain name away so…not that hard to figure out. ROFL.


9 responses to “Good News, Bad News…

  1. Talk to about graphics – I know she’s looking to get into that field.
    Another artist I LOOOVE and might be willing to work with you is Robert Quill – if you get onto eBay and type in his name, you’ll come to his store. He does commissions and is a friend of mine – tell him Val Ford sent you, and he might cut you a deal. 😉

  2. I just bought my domain from — they are a LOT cheaper than most I have seen. My friend Holly has used them for years and loves them.
    As for the art, my husband has promised to do some art for my webpage (so we’ll see how that turns out!) but if you like what he does for mine, I can let him know that you’re looking to hire an artist. 🙂

    • Kewl! Husband researched and recommended homestead (mostly cause he doesn’t have time to handle the tech stuff for me and I’m not the most tech savvy), and so far I like it. It’s very easy and offers just what I need. I’m almost certainly going to upgrade if (when) I get published, but for now it’s perfect.
      Oh, wow. I LOVED that valkyrie icon he did for you. I would be more than happy to hire him if he’s interested. =) Can’t wait to see what he does for you!

      • Well, I told him he MUST make my stuff first (I’ve been asking for a long time now, darn it!) but he was open to the idea of creating art for you too.
        Btw, what you’ve got up so far is cute! I’m struggling to find content to put on my darn page.

      • Oh, that’s perfectly understandable. Wives always come first! =) That’s wonderful that he’s interested in creating art for me, too. I will love him greatly for it, in a platonic sort of way of course.
        And thanks so much! I tried to find a simple but not TOO plain Homestead template that looked professional. The sample I chose had been set up as an artist’s page, so it wasn’t too hard to modify it for a writer. I would love to have some original art to spice it up, and then I will be quite happy with it. Other than that, it’s not going to get too terribly thrilling until I actually get a publishing deal and have “real” books to link to! I decided to wait on an FAQ till then, too. Or at least until I get an agent.
        I can’t wait to see your page. =)

      • It all depends on how much of a nervous breakdown he has while doing mine. *g* And yeah, I asked for simple stuff originally (“Can you draw me a stack of books?”) but he wants to go all out.
        We’ll see how it works out… 🙂

      • Oooh, are you being evil and scaring your husband? Good for you! Er, I mean, don’t do that! *blink* And I’m not in a major rush. Just have him let me know when he’s available, and what information he needs. =)