Groovy Valentine’s Day…

So sue me. I like Valentine’s Day. Even years when I’ve been single or bitter about being single (heh), I’ve typically gone out of my way to spoil family members. I do nice things and give gifts throughout the year without holidays, but I like holidays, too. Even ones most people believe are pseudo holidays started by a greeting card and candy company conspiracy. =) That said, this year my wonderful husband sent me some beautiful gerber daisies (my favorite!) and gave me a gorgeous silver and topaz heart ring. Loverly! And I took him for dinner to his favorite Chinese buffet, which was a sacrifice as I don’t care for it at all. =)

We’ll probably get a sitter this weekend to do dinner and a movie. It’s as good a time as any, and we haven’t done a “just the two of us” date night in awhile.

Sent out 3 more queries today. Two e-queries, one to M.R. at Writer’s House and the other to A.S. at Harvey Klinger. And one snail mail query to L.D. at Spectrum. Here’s hoping!

Oh–on the plus side my fortune cookie fortune DID say, “Your dearest dream is coming true!” And since the only dearest dream I have that hasn’t already come true is getting published, I’m choosing to think positive! 😉


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