I think the new adult urban fantasy is pushing to the forefront, edging out the newly-fledged YA idea. I’m in the adult mind-set right now, just having finished re-reading the complete Wheel of Time series and Lilith Saintcrow’s Working for the Devil (am in the middle of Dead Man Rising now, really good!). Plus I want to do quite a bit of market research before I dip my toes back into YA. It’s been a LONG time since I wrote, or even read, any YA. I want to do it right. =) Or try, at any rate.

So tonight I worked on researching and world-building. More researching than world-building, but slowly the world’s taking on shape. This one has a working title “Athena’s Voice” right now, and the MC is an Oracle of Athena named Isabella (Bella) Torres. Or Cruz. Heh. I keep bouncing between the two surnames. In Bella’s world, Oracles are demi-goddesses (or gods) who serve their patron deity. Their magical gifts depend upon the patron they serve, and there are different levels of them. The upper echelons of Oracles have quite nifty gifts and can also serve as avatars for their deities. The catch for their deities is avatars are temporarily as powerful as their patrons–and can, in the right set of circumstances, overthrow them.

Still percolating details, but this plot will no doubt involve lots of immortal schemes, bickering, and betrayals.

Haven’t heard from the 3 agents I queried a short while ago, so I’m planning to send out a couple more queries tomorrow now that I’ve had an answer on the re-writes. And now, I think it’s bed time.


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