Sick of Being Sick…

…and no, I can’t come up with a more original subject for this post. Sorry.

I have been sick for a week. I missed 3 out of 5 days of work last week. I am tired and congested and alternating between cranky and giddy and I just want to go home and sack out on the couch. Again. Yeah, I’m pathetic…

However, despite that fact, I did manage several great accomplishments over the past few days. I finished revising RIF and sent it to J.M., I got in lots of time with husband and baby, and I am now up to page 21 out of 25 required for my Master’s paper. Just a few more pages to whip out, and I will be done with that sucker! Yay! Of course, glutton that I am, I am going to take a few HR classes so this class is not, in fact, my final class of grad school…I REALLY hope I can make a go of a Human Resources job after all this!

Hmm, what else? Nothing interesting to speak of, really. I’m hoping to feel well enough to get all creative and write new stuff soon. And I’m trying not to obsess over agent stuff. But I think that’s pretty par for the course as far as writers go…Obsessing, I mean. =)


3 responses to “Sick of Being Sick…

    • Not yet, but I was hoping not to hear anything back TOO fast. Hopefully that means it’s getting a good once-over. =) Or that he’s just backed up with other things to read and hasn’t gotten to it yet. I know how busy agents are. And woo woo for poking! It’s a relief to finish one ms and have time to just “veg,” but it’s funny how quickly you start to feel…antsy. Now I just have to decide whether to pursue the YA first or the adult urban fantasy…or possibly revise one or both of my other books…Decisions, decisions!

      • No news is good news, right? :)And yeah, it might be that he’s taking time to do a thorough read through. Did you send a full or a partial?
        As for YA or urban fantasy, YA is hot, but my gut says to stick with Urban Fantasy since that’s the genre you’re going for right now.
        (says the girl with 9 bajillion genres under her belt)