Good Timing…

Things seem to be working out well for me timing-wise, for once. I’m in writing limbo atm waiting for crits to come back, but that has worked out perfectly for grad school purposes. I am in my final class for my Master’s Degree (in Legal Analysis), which is basically just writing a 25-page paper. It’s almost like a thesis paper, but not really. Anyway, we had to turn in the first 10 pages of our paper over the weekend, so it’s been great not having to juggle school writing with my own writing! We have to turn in the first 20 pages next Monday, and then the whole paper will be due soon after. My husband will probably have his crit ready soon, but the others probably won’t trickle in for awhile yet. So this gives me plenty of time to get my paper squared away before needing to start any new projects!

Speaking of grad school, I’m not petitioning for my degree yet. I’ve decided to take at least 2-3 more HR classes (I took Legal Aspects of HR Management and found out I LOVED this area–figures, had I known that sooner I would have just gone for the HR Master’s!) before getting my Master’s. I am considering working my way into the HR field if things don’t work out at my law firm with the paralegal thing. Anyway, just keeping my options open right now!

So, that’s pretty much it right now. Not a whole lot going on as far as the writing front goes. But I expect that will change soon enough. I can never go too long before getting restless and having to start something new!


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