The Mind, It Plays Tricks on You…

So I get an email from BookEnds (a literary agency) in response to my query last week, and my mind immediately assumes the worst. What IT read: Thank you so much for giving me the chance to review your work. The material sounds intriguing but unfortunately it’s not for us. What the email ACTUALLY said: Thank you so much for giving me the chance to review your work. The material sounds intriguing and we would be interested in seeing more. I actually had to read it twice to realize it was a partial request and not an outright rejection. Hee!

Silly minds. They try to pull fast ones on us…

In other writing news, nothing accomplished thanks to my neverending Master’s paper. I will be SOOOO glad when this is finished!

Quickie Update…

M.R. at Writers House passed on RIF. She just said she wasn’t the right agent for the book, so nothing to glean except she said no. =)

I’ll be really busy for the next week or so finishing up my Master’s paper, but I’m HOPING to get some time to work on The Stuff of Dreams (hereinafter referred to as “SOD.” Hee. I love that abbreviation.) This will be book four of finished, adult paranormal/urban fantasy projects, so maybe it will prove to be that “magic” number four someone was referencing on their blog recently. I think it was Kristin Nelson. *grin*

Even if it’s not, I can already tell it’s going to be a lot of fun to write. Darker, edgier, definitely urban fantasy rather than paranormal romance. Looking forward to it.

Good News, Bad News…

The good news is I am receiving a sort of lateral promotion at work that may provide future opportunities at a real promotion. I don’t want to go into a bunch of details here, but I am excited for the opportunity. I would really prefer to stay at my firm as I think it’s a great plus and I don’t want to lose my vacation and maternity leave that I’ve accrued!

The bad news is another form rejection, this one from G.C. I would have loved her as an agent, but c’est la vie. =)

Oh. I finally got my rear in gear with putting my website together. I’ve been waffling on whether I should get it going now or later, and a few things the past couple days pushed me into it. One: I read a published author who mentioned her agent specifically commented her professional-looking site was a factor in the offer of representation. Two: I want a place to store pictures because it comes up from time to time (like recently!). Three: I want a place to offer some free online reads just to give a taste of my writing style. Four: I noticed somebody had registered, so I wanted to reserve ASAP. And Five: I want a place to put ooh shiny pretties!

Speaking of ooh shiny pretties, I would love to get a few custom graphics made for my site. Specifically, a couple representing elements of my writing, maybe a bit from my WIPs. Anyone know of any artists (professional or serious amateurs) who might be willing to put something together for me for not a terrible amount of money? I don’t expect anything for free, just a reasonable price. Something I could, you know, afford. =) Husband, an IT guy, recommended I use until such time as I sell and have more money to invest, and so far it’s suiting my purposes admirably. Hella easy enough for me to use myself, and I have something simple but professional that I’m happy with, but I would LOVE to have one or two custom-made pretties to display. (Husband’s majored in studio art with a minor in multimedia, but unfortunately he can only draw things he sees IRL or copy pictures. And, unfortunately, I don’t know any phoenixes, dragons, angels, or psychics to have model for him. 😉

Okie, sorry for the long post. I’ll stop babbling now! When I’m more happy with the website, I’ll prolly post the link. Um, of course, I already gave the domain name away so…not that hard to figure out. ROFL.