Over My Temporary Freak-Out…

…whew! Now, don’t get me wrong, I have every respect for the writer/editor who commented on my first chapter at AW, but I think part of me was overreacting. Taste is subjective, even among pros/editors/agents, so rather than freaking out and thinking “EEK! MUST DO EVERY SINGLE THING SHE SUGGESTED!” I am going to be rational and look at everything on a case-by-case basis, keeping in mind that she’s only read the first chapter. I am going to make the changes that make sense as far as the big picture goes, and stick to my guns on the things I believe make the manuscript as a whole stronger.

So, if you paused on the crit, please feel free to keep going. I am going to go ahead and tweak the opening chapter based on some of her comments, but that shouldn’t affect your comments. And if enough people comment on the same things, I will reevaluate my stance on the things I am sticking to my guns about.

It helps that an agented author friend who is reading the book is loving it and is completely caught up by the MC’s voice. Since it’s in first person, that is a VERY good thing to hear! I do have to say, though, that the writer/editor DID make many edits to the first chapter I agree with and will be implementing. She really made the MC’s voice POP, so I’m going to go through the entire MS with a red pen and make it sing as well as she did the first chapter.

But no more debilitating myself with fear over what one person (until such time as I get an agent and/or editor of my own!) says. Hell, no sense debilitating myself with fear over what 100 people say. Take it all in graciously, take what works, and go from there.

Yes, sometimes I can be as neurotic as…you know who you are. *cackle* 😉


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