Brain Still Hurts…

…I am considering asking my critters to just go ahead and read through the ms without doing any critting or commenting at all. The reason being, I need fellow writers’ brains to pick (my husband is a FANTABULOUS critter but not a writer) about further comments the pro editor/writer made on chapter one. While I am definitely going to take at least SOME of her advice, I’m not entirely sure about a couple of the comments she made and want to be able to ask some others their opinions on the best direction to take the manuscript in. I.E. whether it makes sense to take the story in a completely new direction, or to simply take some of her comments and implement them as best I can in the existing framework of the story.

I’m not sure if that makes sense or not…it does in my mind but I have a headache so what do I know?!? I’ll email my critters to see whether they’re willing to simply read the story over without critting at this time.


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