BetaCats, Ho!…

(Um, yeah, I am a Geek!) I have finished my read-through and prose clean-up pass of the major re-writes of Reborn in Fire and will be passing it on to my beta readers soon. Of course, I need to find everyone’s email addresses in order to do so, but I’m sure I have them around here somewhere. *grin* And I’m wondering if a certain agented Dork (her words, not mine!) might be willing to do a quick looksie and just tell me if it is or isn’t less sucky than last time. Plskthx! 😉

And is it just me, or is LJ really starting to blow these days? I am REALLY starting to hates it! It’s getting slower and slower every time they add these shiny new features that I ABSOLUTELY DON’T NEED! I use this thing to blog. I don’t need fancy crap that makes everything slow down to snail speed. *grumble* And I HATE the lag every time LJ loads that occurs in IE since I can only use Firefox (where it DOESN’T occur) at home. If this keeps on, I am SOOOO going to cancel my paid membership. Why should I pay to help them make things suck more for me?

Okay, rant over…I think.


3 responses to “BetaCats, Ho!…

  1. Send it to me! I’m in the middle of a read for someone else at the moment, but as soon as I finish up I’ll give yours another run-through. 🙂
    And I’ll send you the new version of Unnatural this weekendish. 🙂

    • Good cause I sent it to you anyway…LOL…habit. Glad you agreed!
      And I am really looking forward to it. Not starting another project for a bit, so I can devote time to yours. =)