The End – Take Two!…

*smug* WOO FRIGGING HOO!!! The re-writes from Hell are finally OVAH! Okay, mostly. I have a very small amount of minor notes to take care of, but that won’t take more than an hour or two. Tops. The satisfaction at once again reaching the words, “The End” on this novel are immense. More pleasurable than last time, because now I have the knowledge that this is a strong, saleable premise that had interest from 3 different agents, one of whom is interested in the rewrite. WOO FRIGGING HOO!!!

That said, I am going to try and finish the last little edits today, and any necessary polishing soon. Then I need to butter up sweet-talk ask the people who previously volunteered to beta if they’re still willing to do so. *bats her eyelashes cutely*

Did I mention WOO FRIGGING HOO!!! yet???

New Final (MS Word) Word Count:

Zokutou word meter
83,545 / 83,545

ETA: I feel honor-bound to admit that I had such an awesome word count today because I was able to re-tool some of the previous ending in order to make it work with the new ending. Though this time it works much better because heroine wasn’t running off alone stupidly, it was part of the plan!!! =)


8 responses to “The End – Take Two!…

  1. Wow! Congrats!
    (I’d be happy to test read, although I haven’t read the first version… but I need time, like a month, because I’m slow thorough. :D)

    • I would be pleased to take you up on that offer. =) I may re-submit to Jim McCarthy before that time is up, but there’s no guaranteeing he’ll make an offer so your crits will be needed before I send partials/fulls off to shiny new agents! =)

    • Re: Congrats!!!
      Excellent! I’ll probably be ready to send it on soon. I finished the little tweaks I had, so now I’ll just be doing one more read-through and cleaning up prose that bugs me as I go. Then it’s ready to go!

    • Hey, thanks! BTW, care to send me the new version of Unnatural? If I’m going to finish reading it, I may as well start over and read the newest version. =)