Belated Update…

While I did get new words in last night, it wasn’t on the re-writes. I had almost forgotten I needed to whip up a memo to my prof regarding my chosen topic for the 25-page paper I have to write as my last official Master’s course. Of course, I have decided to take 2-3 HR classes on top of that, but that’s another story. =) I’ve managed to make up the lack of words in WIP this morning during down-time, so without further ado…

New Words: 668
Old Words Trashed: 0.
Today’s Candle Scent: N/A (at work).
Candle Wax Spilled: No (see above).
# of People Heroine Burned: 0. And no fatalities!
# of Times Heroine Cussed: Once.
# of Times Heroine Insulted Someone: Once (yeah, slow day today!).
Today’s Favorite Taunt:

Keith shook his head. “A pity things had to work out this way, Cass. They would have been so much different had you remained my lover…”

My hands trembled with the effort not to wrap them around his throat. “You disgust me, Keith. You seduce and discard women like they’re trash. I’m so glad I’ll never have to suffer your filthy touch again.”

A smirk curved his lips. “I wouldn’t count on that.” He tapped the gold watch on his wrist. “Your hour starts now. Tick tock, love. Tick tock.”

Today’s Net Gain of Words: 668
Total Word Count:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
75,081 / 85,000

Planning to get more words in later, and definitely some tonight. Hurray for schedules and actually keeping to them!


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