Cat Vacuuming: 0, Me: 1

So I sat down to get my hour of writing in as planned. Yay, me! Of course, I spent the first half-hour booting up my desktop, cleaning my desk, tracking down a pretty-smelling candle, firing up the manuscript, and popping a cd in for mood music. Still, I managed to eke out just over 500 words, which isn’t too shabby all things considered. And that’s 500 words I didn’t have earlier!

New Words: 516.
Old Words Trashed: 0.
Today’s Candle Scent: Sugar Cookies. Yum!
Candle Wax Spilled: Yes (Grrr!)
# of People Heroine Burned: 0. And no fatalities!
# of Times Heroine Cussed: 1 (I can’t count!).
# of Times Heroine Insulted Someone: 4, but she IS confronting the uber sexy British mini-villain who betrayed her.
Today’s Favorite Taunt: (Two, cause I just can’t pick one!)

More Subtle Taunt:

“Puppetmaster? Hardly. Try partner, love.”

I didn’t have to force a laugh. “Partner? After everything you’ve seen and done, you’re really stupid enough to believe that? Garrett’s using you, Keith. He used you to rape my mother–the woman you were sworn to protect–and now he’s using you to get to me. I can see the strings from where I’m standing, and they’re stained with betrayal and blood.”

Taunt o’ Sexual Prowess:

Dark blue eyes grew even darker, boring into mine as he grabbed my shoulders and dug his fingers into bare skin. “Your mother was a faithless slut, and the apple’s not fallen far from the tree. F*#king not only Zi, but that slippery snake Garcia as well. To think I once thought you different, once considered taking you…”

Pain radiated across my collarbone but I refused to let him know how much it hurt. “Not that it’s any of your business who I f*#k, but yeah. Jake’s a hundred times the lover you ever were. A thousand.”

[And yeah, when I’m not so tired I’ll come up with a better last line to the second taunt.]

Today’s Net Gain of Words: 516
Total Word Count:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
74,553 / 85,000

That lower word count accounts for the fact I ripped out the last few scenes and am now re-writing from scratch. Hopefully I can keep this forward motion going and get this puppy in crit-worthy shape!


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