We Have Achieved Writing!…Sorta…

Beloved Husband took care of Beloved Son last night so I could steal a couple of hours at Panera writing. Kinda. Okay, writing-related activity, anyway. I need to completely re-read the entire book before I attempt to re-write the ending, so that is how I spent two uninterrupted hours last evening. And…wow. I was expecting to hate everything (as sometimes happens when you re-read something you’ve been working on for so long), but I’m actually loving it. There are parts that need cleaning up, of course, but overall I’m loving this story and the characters. The re-written first half–really kicks ass, compared to the original. It has added a lot of character conflict and depth and it just blows my mind how much stronger it is.

I have about another 80 pages to finish re-reading, and then I plan to dive headfirst into the actual re-writing of the end. I have 2 or 3 notes I made to myself in the first 3/4 of the book still to take care of, and I plan to tackle them once I have the new ending pinned (penned?) down. And hopefully the lovely people who offered to beta read for me lo these many weeks ago will still be willing. Heh.

And THEN back on the Wheel O’ Submission, starting with Mr. McCarthy. Can’t wait!


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    • If his first name starts with a J, we are. =) He read the original full of this ms and invited me to re-submit with revisions, so I chopped it up but good and now I’m crossing my fingers…And nice to hear further confirmation he’s a great guy!