Six Secrets…

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1. I am obssessed with teal, and various shades of blue and green. I think at least 50% of my wardrobe falls into this category. Maybe more. Thank God they’re so in style right now! 😉

2. I met my husband through an online, text-based RPG (MUD, not MUSH). A Wheel of Time RPG, to be exact. In fact, I thought he was a woman for the first year of our friendship, that’s how good a role-player he is. Most (straight) men can NOT role-play women in a realistic manner for long periods of time. And yes, I’ve threatened to tell our grandchildren the story of how grandma thought grandpa was a woman for the first year they knew each other. Hee!

3. I, too, am a compulsive checker, though not quite as bad as . I am minorly OCD in this aspect, and my obssession with even numbers. Often, if I do or touch something an odd number of times, I have to repeat until I’ve done/touched it an even number of times. And the number 8 sends me into paroxysms of ecstasy. So round, so even, so beautiful…(Er, yeah…I’m weird.)

4. I’ve twice (once in early childhood and once in early adulthood) met and chatted with the “New” generation of Osmonds. The first time around it was backstage after a 4th of July celebration in downtown St. Louis. The second time around I met them at a youth dance and got to dance with the cutest one (whose name escapes me now as I haven’t thought of them much since college) and then sit next to him at Denny’s afterward. (One of my close friends at the time attended their…temple? I think that’s what they call it in their faith.) Anyway, they were very well-mannered and quite talented (we went and saw their show in Branson, where our college was located). And yeah, the fact that’s my closest brush to fame is pretty sad. Heh…

5. My secondary creative outlet to writing is…scrapbooking. Oh yes, they have won me over to the dark (and expensive!) side…

6. Attending Halloween festivities in Salem (where I lived for a year) and Renaissance festivals is a passion of mine. I even went back to Salem for Halloween the first couple of years after I moved back home to St. Louis. I also traveled to Kansas City for their much bigger, cooler Ren Fest for several years after moving home. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to afford either one in awhile.

And, um…yeah, my “secrets” suck. I’m not a very interesting person beyond my writing skills and occasional sharp wit! Neither of which I tend to display on this LJ…er…well. I’m more fun in person, really! 😉


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