Need to Post More Often…

My radio–I mean LJ–silence doesn’t mean I’ve been shirking the RIF rewrites. I’ve been poking at them as time and energy allow, and am really, REALLY close to finishing. I’ve re-written everything that needs to be re-written except the last 40 pages (which will have to change extensively thanks to the complete re-write of the first half), and I’ve taken care of all the notes I made to myself except a few scenes I noted need to be written into earlier parts of the book. Right now I’m doing a complete re-read of the first 350 pages so I can keep everything fresh in my mind when I tackle the last 40. And, so far, I’m quite pleased. I’ve been cleaning up prose and dialogue while re-reading, though I plan to do one more pass after I finish the new conclusion. I REALLY think this book is SO MUCH stronger and tighter than the original. I’m so pleased.

I do need to take another pass through my “magical tattoo” scene and run it by the loverly , an ink afficionado. Hopefully nothing will strike her as being implausible or just plain stupid. I really like how it turned out and it has the potential to turn into a cool plot point in future books, assuming I manage to sell this as a series someday.

I’m just so excited with this one. It was garnering such positive attention before the re-write. I’m really hoping it can garner at least one or two offers now that it’s so much stronger. *crosses fingers*

Speaking of which, I found two new crit mates via Absolute Write who are willing to do an MS exchange with me. Anyone else interested in doing one, or in just reading my ms and giving general rather than specific impressions, feel free to comment. I’m serious about getting this one into tiptop shape and the more opinions, the better! =) Acknowledgements in my first published book to anyone who helps!


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