Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

I love it when they play that song for Scott Rolen. Go Cards!

Er, I have that song in my head now because the words are just rolling out of my mind and onto the paper. Er, keyboard and monitor. Whatever! =) The writing is flying fast and furious and I am pleased with what is coming. Of course, later I may think it’s all CRAP, but the important thing is to get it all down so you can de-crapify it later.

I’m liking the scene I’m working on now. My Elementals are going to have magical tattoos that they wear, with multiple purposes. To show personal pride and clan membership, to make it easier to track missing people down via magic, and my personal favorite–to drive members of the opposite sex wild because they can be used to turn Elementals ooooooon! Hee!

I’m actually not one to find tattoos overly sexy…sometimes cool, sure…but I am loving this concept. And with magic, anything is possible. Even color-shifting, image-morphing tats that can magically turn your partner on. Yay!

Oh, word count update…

Reborn in Fire Rewrites:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
76,615 / 85,000

Wow…I may actually finish these rewrites this weekend, rather than next. That would so totally and completely rock! Then I will just have to perform surgery on the back end to make it reflect the front end. *snaps her latex gloves on* Scalpel!


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