Best. Husband. Evah!…

I turn 30 on Sunday (*mumble*), and husband gave me just about the bestest present he could. Besides, you know, winning Powerball. He took me to the Aerosmith/Motley Crue concert Sunday night. And I SOOO don’t usually do this, but…SQUEEEEEE! I’ve been wanting to see Aerosmith in concert for AGES. They’re my absolutely favorite rock group and he won such mega brownie points for this birthday present. I (\/) him SOOOOOOO much! He’s my best friend and just always does the nicest, most thoughtful things.

Er, not to say we don’t argue occasionally or anything. 😉 I still think he’s the best husband in the world.

So anyway, the concert was a blast. Motley Crue was about as potty-mouthed and sex-crazed live as I expected. Traffic to get to the show was a bear, so luckily they performed first cause I didn’t mind missing the first few minutes of their performance but would have been BUMMED to miss any of Aerosmith’s show. Which, honestly, I thought was tons better than Motley Crue’s. The major reason being (other than the fact I love Aerosmith so much more) that they actually used the gigantic tv screens in the center and to each side to ENHANCE their show, rather than distract from it. MC rarely showed themselves on the screens, instead showing weird video vignette thingies that went with their songs but HELL, if I want to see stuff like that I can WATCH TV! I want to SEE THE PERFORMERS, oh oddity of oddities. Being 5’4″ and back toward the rear of the real seats (as opposed to the lawn seats in the very back), I couldn’t see much of the performers at all. Even on tippy toe.

Fortunately, Aerosmith showed their performance on the tv screens practically the entire time they were on stage. The only exceptions being video clips of them playing the tourists in St. Louis (including at the Cards/Mets game where Steven Tyler sang “God Bless America” from the stands) and occasional images to enhance some of the songs. Like images of sharks and other predators during “Eat the Rich.” The cool thing with that was they would flash up the images, then fade away slowly until one of the band members was showed slowly growing more solid while the image disapated. Very cool! And I love that they don’t NEED the scantily-clad women, weird props, and tons of fireworks and flames to make their show just really freaking awesome, like MC seemed to do. And, honestly, they are just better! (In my perhaps slightly-biased opinion.) Not to sound like I’m trashing MC. Hearing them perform some of the songs that were big when I was younger was lots of fun, and they DO have talent. Aerosmith is just more my cup of tea.

Okie, so enough gushing. We took Zack to the Zoo for the first time over the weekend, in order to hang out with new friends and their kids. But shhh, we’re pretending it wasn’t the first time because all of us forgot our cameras and got no pictures. Dagnabbit! Speaking of pictures, I get to pick up the baby’s studio pics we had taken on Saturday, and I can’t wait! I’ll post some when I get them. We were so busy over the weekend (with the Zoo trip and Aerosmith concert and me finishing up final exam stuff for school), that once again my best-laid writing plans went awry. However, hoping to make up for that this week!


ETA: OMG! This new thing where LJ takes from 5-15 seconds to let me scroll or click any links every time I go to any LJ page or back to my friends list is REALLLY annoying me. Stop it!!!


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