Wordy Girl…

Wow! During lunch and a little bit after I managed to increase RIF’s word count by quite a lot. I was able to recycle some scenes from the old version by revising and adding new words, and also added a couple new scenes. Altogether I “added” 5,000 words, and the word count now stands at:

Reborn in Fire:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
64,500 / 85,000

Soooo happy! I’m now over the 75% mark of the estimated revised word count. Granted, there’s plenty more to do, and I have to re-work/add a lot to the back half I DIDN’T completely rip out, but I’m very happy! And a good thing I got such a good count in today, because tonight will be dedicated to finishing my paper and preparing for tomorrow night’s final.


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