Evil Weekends…

Okay. So I didn’t get much (read any) writing done over the weekend. Some other things, but no writing. Well, a tiny bit of polishing, but no new words. Made up in some small part for that just now by whipping out 1500ish words, and hope to get at least that many more in tonight. Before and after Heroes, that is.

We have a new kitten. More details to follow when husband gets around to uploading the pictures so I can show the cutie off.

And no, unfortunately, no mama kittie. She may end up being one of those cats who shows back up, weeks later, but I’m not counting on it. If she does–yay! Not going to set myself up for disappointment expecting it, though.


Oh yeah, speaking of Edwin McCain (*points to the music playing*), we went to a free homecoming concert at my school on Saturday. He and his band were splendid in public. I was impressed with how great they were live. The electric guitar player blew my best friend’s socks off (in a figurative sense ;)) and we were all impressed with the keyboardist/saxophonist/other instruments-alist. He played several instruments quite well. Not to knock the drummer or bass player. Or, er, Edwin himself. Such a gorgeous voice!


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