[Insert Witty Title Here]…

Managed around 750 words yesterday–not too bad. Am amping up conflict and trying to decide whether one of the new characters I introduced needs to die. Muhahaha! Am also trying to decide how the hot new villainish character factors in to the big picture. I wasn’t planning to introduce him, he walked up and introduced himself! I love him because he is morally ambiguous, has done awful things in the past, helps flesh out the hero’s past, and adds an extra layer of conflict to the whole plot without being the actual villain himself. We’ll see how well he plays into the entire story, though.

Samantha still hasn’t come home. 😦 Poor Maddie just wanders around the house, yowling for her mama, before settling into bed with husband and me for some reassurance and petting. I’m going to wait a few days to see if Samantha returns home, but if not, we’re going to have to get a new kitty. Maddie’s not the type who likes to be home alone all day. Samantha would be fine, but Maddie’s a lot more social.

I want MY kitty back, though! *whine*


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