Steady Progress…

Whipped out about 1600 words today. Not too shabby at all! Making steady progress now, which pleases me. Not too pleased with the fact one of my kitties is still missing…They both decided to sneak outside the other day. I’m still not entirely sure how they got out, but they did. Two nights ago husband was outside doing something and he noticed Maddie, the black cat, between the house and the small woods separating our property from the golf course behind us. When he tried to go get her, she ran off into the woods. He then started up the stairs to the back door (we have a split-level house) and saw Samantha, the Siamese, halfway up the stairs. He went up to try and get HER, and she JUMPED down an entire flight and then scurried off into the woods.

So of course I spent all day yesterday worried about them. We left the sliding glass door partway open so they could come back inside if they wanted. We also put signs up in the neighborhood just in case anyone else came across either of them. Happily, Miss Madison, the daughter, just ran inside at dusk. She yowled, rubbed up against us, looked for her mother, yowled some more, and spent most of the evening curled up next to me. I’m ecstatic to have her back, but I really hoped Samantha would slink back home this evening. So far, nothing.

Hopefully she’s all right, and comes home soon…On the plus side, I don’t believe in declawing so she has her claws to go along with her teeth. Small comfort, but better than nothing.


5 responses to “Steady Progress…

  1. Eee! Poor kitty! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for her.
    I never let mine out at all, so I can imagine how freaked out I’d be if mine got out.

    • Yes, poor kitty! *cry*
      We never let ours out, too, and I am struggling not to fly off the handle and start yelling at the possible culprits who may have let them out. Cause that wouldn’t solve the problem or bring her back.