‘Nother Busy Weekend…

Little writing accomplished, but lots of other things done so…not a total wash. I finished and LOVED Marjorie M. Liu’s “A Dream of Stone and Shadow,” (er I think that’s the name) from the Dark Dreamers anthology with Christine Feehan. I just had to read hers first since I loved “The Red Heart of Jade” so much. I am almost 50 pages into Christine Feehan’s “Dark Dream” and all I can say is enh. So not impressed. Really. I am still plugging away, and maybe I will get more into it, but there are so many qualities of the story that bug me that I may not make it to the end.

I had a mini-rant here but then decided to be more circumspect and nix it. I can’t exactly judge one writer on one short story–especially when I haven’t even read the entire thing yet. Maybe it gets better! Or maybe I’m being too picky!

One can hope, anyway!


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