Snippety Goodness…

Had class last night, but still managed around 1,000 words yesterday. I just got in another…oh…1,000 words and it’s not even 11:00 a.m. yet, so things are going great! I’ve introduced some new, fun characters, and lots of conflict, and my hero is becoming decidedly more alpha. Not annoyingly so, just alpha enough. My heroine is alpha herself, so they should make a great match.

And yeah, I’m looking at you, Jess. 😉

ETA: I forgot to mention that I just picked up Dark Dreamers, with one novella each from Christine Feehan and Marjorie M. Liu. I LOVED The Red Heart of Jade by Ms. Liu, so am really looking forward to her story. I’ve been meaning to read something by Christine Feehan, so figured this was as good a time as any. I was in the little store in our building’s lobby and wanted to get something to read since I’m planning to treat myself to lunch today. This should be perfect!