Settling in for a Self-Marathon…

Wow, it’s been a busy but great day. Husband and I got up with the baby and went out hunting new walking trails. We went to Powder Valley, a nature conservation site run by the Missouri Department of Conservation. We headed off on the first trail we came to, not realizing some of the trails were level–and some weren’t. And, you guessed it, the trail we set off on originally was one of the steep ones! It was deceiving flat at first, and a 2/3 mile loop. I told husband he could just run around the loop if he wanted to get his heartrate up, which he did. I came across some gentle hills, which were no biggie. All was well, baby and I were having a blast, and then we hit the REAL hills. Eek! Husband caught up to us right before we reached the last, biggest hill of all, and he helped push me up the hill while I pushed the stroller. I bet we made a very comical sight! =)

It was a bit tough on me since I’m just now starting to re-build my fitness level, but once it was over we both felt great. We then made our way to the level trail and walked around that–a 1/3 mile loop–and I let husband run around it again while baby and I walked more sedately. Husband caught back up to us toward the middle of the trail, and then said he had just noticed signs that said “no jogging.” Oops! Regardless, all three of us had a blast and got quite a bit of exercise in. Husband ended up with 2 miles and I ended up with 1, but it was a tough 1 mile! After that we went to the St. Louis Bread Company (known everywhere else as Panera since they bought Bread Co. out) to eat lunch. We then went to get haircuts for husband and me. I whacked off a LOT of hair because I was just plain sick of it and wanted something I could style. He really prefers it long, but I’ve had it long for him for almost 3 years and it’s my turn for awhile. Eventually I’ll grow it back out again. =)

After that we hit Target to look for a new diaper bag since the zipper on our old one broke, but no luck. I dropped the “boys” off at home, determined to go to the library and get a lot of writing in. Of course the library closes at 5:00 and I got there after 4:00. So then I decided to run to a different Bread Co. where I often go to write. I stopped by Babys’R’Us first to look at diaper bags, but no luck. Found some cute fallish Pooh bibs which will look great with the outfit I’m planning for the baby to wear to our yearly company “picnic” tomorrow. Then I finally made it to Bread Co. and set up for writing. I ordered one of their new “Crispani” pizzas for dinner. Yum! I got the three cheese and it was SO good! The laptop took awhile to boot and now, here I am.

Hoping to get at least a few k in, some of which is to make up for no writing on Thursday and Friday. I should have known better than to think I would be anything but brain-fried on those evenings. =)

First goal: 1,000 words
Second goal: 2,000 words
Third goal: 3,000 words
Bonus goal: 4,000 words or above

Here goes!


One response to “Settling in for a Self-Marathon…

  1. Sounds like you had a fun day! My husband wouldn’t go out walking upon pain (or bribery), but then again, it’s bastard-hot here most of the time.
    I’m probably going to be around writing for a good chunk tonight, if you feel like saying hello!