Busy Labor Day Weekend…

Well, most of it was. =) Friday I got some unexpected money so Shawn, baby, and I went shopping. I was in desperate need of fall clothes that fit since most of what I’ve been wearing is maternity clothes that either don’t look right now or are just wearing out because I only bought a limited supply when I was pregnant. I found several cute tops for work, a couple more casual tops, two pairs of workout pants, a workout jacket, a pair of jeans, two pairs of shoes for work, and a couple pairs of pants. Bought some other necessary items and I should be set for fall/winter for at least awhile. I do need to get the jeans altered though since they are WAY too long. Ridiculously so. Cause, you know, you have to be tall to be fat. *eyeroll*

Speaking of fat, I’m down 2 pounds this week which is nice. I’m loving the sparkpeople website and it’s really easy to follow. We just have (basically) a protein, carb, dairy, veggie, and fruit for all three meals and eat sensible snacks throughout the day. We’re also exercising regularly (which husband had already been doing for awhile) and it’s really making a difference. Of course, he lost 10 pounds to my 2 pounds–one of the benefits to being a man! 😉

Saturday Shawn and I took the baby to an area park where we had a picnic lunch, played with the baby, took pictures, and walked around. It was a VERY pleasant family outing. Zack is getting to be SO much fun. He just babbles and laughs out loud and is so darned cute. Sunday my uncle and aunt babysat while Shawn, my brother, and I went and saw Crank with the very sexay Jason Statham in it. Yum! The movie was odd, entertaining but odd, and I didn’t love the ending. But it was worth seeing, anyway. Monday we just hung around the house after a grocery shopping outing. I took care of the baby and watched the Dark Angel marathon while Shawn did a lot of house-related chores. When my hands were free I worked on re-plotting RIF.

Yep, I’m completely re-writing the first few chapters of RIF. Of course, that will mean significant changes to certain later portions as well, so this may take awhile. I’m incorporating Jim McCarthy’s comments as well as those of my husband and . It should be MUCH stronger when I’m done, and I will then re-submit it to JM as well as sending it out to a few different agents. For the re-plotting, I bought a large cork board and some push pins and stuck notecards all over it with a bunch of new scenes sketched out on them. Here’s hoping that will make the re-writing easier!

Oh…and I’m very bummed about Steve Irwin’s death. I actually really liked Crocodile Hunter–and he was so young! Only 44, and with an 8-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. He was very frank about the dangers of his job but I know he had a lot of love and respect for wildlife. At any rate, I just felt like mentioning his passing, especially since I just heard about it this morning.


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