Snippety Goodness…

Had class last night, but still managed around 1,000 words yesterday. I just got in another…oh…1,000 words and it’s not even 11:00 a.m. yet, so things are going great! I’ve introduced some new, fun characters, and lots of conflict, and my hero is becoming decidedly more alpha. Not annoyingly so, just alpha enough. My heroine is alpha herself, so they should make a great match.

And yeah, I’m looking at you, Jess. 😉

ETA: I forgot to mention that I just picked up Dark Dreamers, with one novella each from Christine Feehan and Marjorie M. Liu. I LOVED The Red Heart of Jade by Ms. Liu, so am really looking forward to her story. I’ve been meaning to read something by Christine Feehan, so figured this was as good a time as any. I was in the little store in our building’s lobby and wanted to get something to read since I’m planning to treat myself to lunch today. This should be perfect!


Steady As She Goes…

Wow. Got quite a bit done today. Didn’t wind up with much writing time in the afternoon since we got busier at work than we were in the AM, but I made up for it this evening. Went to the sandwich shop in order to keep all distractions to a minimum. It closed about an hour and a half later, but I did get a solid 1,000 words in at least. When I got home I sat down to rework my plotting notecards (something new I’m trying this go-round), and what I have so far should take me through at least 20,000 or 30,000 words. I hope! Heh…Once I get farther along I should be able to plot out some more scenes and then figure out what of the remaining half of the book I can salvage…

Updated RIF word count is:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
48,777 / 85,000
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Forward Motion…

Slowly but surely, I’m making progress on RIF. The additions are working so much better for me (and husband!) than the prior version. I’ve pared down the former cast of characters considerably, merging two important secondary characters into one, and that’s tightened things up. I’m also increasing the one-on-one time between heroine and hero on the front-end of the book, which is also making it stronger. Hopefully I’m headed in the right direction and JM will like it enough to make an offer!

I managed about 1,000 words this morning, and am hoping to get at least that much this afternoon. I want to carve out a couple of hours tonight to write, also. At some point I need to sit down and re-lot everything again, because I haven’t really been following the new plan I mapped out exactly. The plot didn’t want to! I’m not worried, though, everything’s coming together. Like I said–slowly, but surely.

Busy, Busy Weekend…

Sheesh. Life is always so hectic these days, especially with baby. I’m loving every minute of it, but sometimes my best-laid schemes fall to the wayside. I ended up with about 2500 words on Saturday, not too shabby, but yesterday despite all intentions to the contrary I just didn’t get any writing done. Most of our day was taken up with our company’s yearly “picnic,” which was actually held inside at Dave’s & Buster’s this year. It’s mostly an excuse to show off one’s kids and this year we actually had one to show off. Yay!

Afterwards we went grocery shopping and then home where I took care of the baby while husband went to the gym and then tidied up the house. I tried to get some writing in with the baby playing on the floor, but about the time I got into it he decided he was hungry and I had to give him dinner. He was pretty needy after that so he and I had some mommy/son cuddle time and he fell asleep snuggled up next to me. Always good!

I’m making up for it today. I’ve managed to get about 1,000 words in today at work and hope to get some more in, unless something comes up. Tonight I’m leaving up in the air. I would LOVE to write more, but it depends on how much time I have left after getting baby settled and working on homework. I have a take-home test to finish and a first-draft paper to get in order.

Updated word count:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
46,709 / 85,000

Oh! I got my long hair chopped off on Saturday. I’d been growing it out for almost 3 years, since before the wedding, because husband likes it long. Decided I’d had quite enough of it and it was my turn for awhile. Like it much better already. I can actually STYLE it instead of pulling it back all the time!

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