Still Around But Busy…

I’m still around, I’ve just been busy with family drama and homework. Will probably be busy the next three (okay, two now since I didn’t get to post this last night!) nights (eek!), but am planning to make another round of edits on RIF this weekend. This time I will have more critical comments from my husband who kept Jim McCarthy’s comments in mind and took another pass through the book.

Ideally I’ll have ‘s comments sometime soon, too. I want to make a couple passes through the book and then, when I feel it’s ready, re-submit it to Jim in a couple/few weeks. I’m really crossing my fingers that if I address the issues he pointed out and work hard at revising, he may be interested in representing it. If nothing else, though, I’ll have a stronger book for it!


YA ideas have been bouncing through my mind. I signed up for a library card last night while I was studying for class so I can read some current YA’s or market research. Not sure whether I’ll write a YA or AV first, but we’ll see!


Oh yes, forgot to mention that I received a snail mail form rejection from Jennifer Jackson for my RIF query. Apparently she WAS the agent I snail queried. Which I figured she was. Disappointed, but not overly so.


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