RIF: Second Request for Full…

Wow. I’m in a daze right now. Here I am, trying to be patient with the waiting to hear back from the agents who are considering various portions of my manuscript and I just got my second request for a full. This one is from another submission that included the first chapter, so at least I know that my writing style is as good as my query. Now, whether that stays consistent throughout the entire novel is another story. Although I do try not to introduce aliens in chapter 14!!!

Okay then. I’m going to take another look at the full tonight and send it on to the agent who requested it. (Caren Johnson at Firebrand.) This means that out of the 5 e-queries I’ve sent I’ve received one no, one request for a partial, one request for the first 5 pages, and two requests for the full. I haven’t heard anything yet on the query I snail mailed, but that’s not at all surprising since they take longer.

Now to try and keep my feet on the ground! =)


10 responses to “RIF: Second Request for Full…

    • Thank you! But don’t tell me that, I’m trying to keep my ego in check! 😉
      Seriously though, I just hope the full gets even a smidgen as much interest, since that’s what really counts.