GOOD Query Letter…

*pets it and calls it George* Er…Sent an e-query to Rachel Vater at Lowenstein-Yost late this afternoon and she requested the first five pages to get a feel for my writing style. She’s got a lot of paranormal manuscripts on her plate right now, but I’m hoping she’ll be interested enough to request more.

Other than that, still waiting to hear back on the partial and full out with other agents. Trying not to go crazy from the suspense. =) I’ve been really busy at work so that helps make the day go by faster. Planning to do some brainstorming on the new idea this weekend, so hopefully that will start shaping up.

On the plus side, my query seems to be doing what it’s supposed to do quite nicely. Yay!


2 responses to “GOOD Query Letter…

    • Your wish is my command.
      I doubt it’s both!!! And this is such a subjective business. It’s so maddening sometimes. Okay, a LOT of the time! Heh…=)