The Waiting Game…

Wow…it’s even harder to wait to hear back on a full than a partial. *twitch*

Just trying to keep myself occupied in the meantime. I’ll prolly start querying a few more of my top agent choices in a few days. I’ll also prolly start thinking about what I want to write next. I keep toying with my Ancient Egyptianish fantasy, but since I’ve got three urban fantasy/paranormal romance type books under my belt I think I might write another one of those. The first needs _major_ reworking and the second some minor tweaking and I have notes for the sequel to the second. I may jot down some brainstorming for a sequel for RIF on the off-chance I get an agent and a publisher who wants a sequel when (think positive) it sells. Other than that, the field is wide-open. I’m going to do some research into myths and legends, etc., in order to try and come up with a somewhat unique urban fantasy/paranormal romance. I was considering something in Greek mythology, which I adore, but I dunno yet. We’ll see what tickles my fancy!


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