RIF: First Full Up and Away…

What a long, emotionally-draining weekend. Saturday just took a lot out of me. Not going to dwell on it now, though.

I printed out RIF in hard copy yesterday and spent several hours reading it and marking up edits. Caught some typos that slipped past both husband and me on the screen and addressed all of the issues my husband brought up. Continuity issues, logic issues, that sort of thing. I did some tightening and reconfiguring of margins (yeah, again), and the word count now stands at 82k. A bit shorter than I had planned, but I think it reads tight so that’s a good thing. I figure an agent or editor can make suggestions if they really want to see it bumped up to the 90k range, but from what I’ve read anything between 80 and 90k is a great range for paranormal romances by first-time authors.

I sent it off to Jim McCarthy at Dystel Goderich so now we wait to see if he likes it. I hope so! Also, I got my first pass on the manuscript today, from The Knight Agency. Honestly, I’m not very disappointed at all. They’re a good agency, but I’m still not sure if they’d be a great fit for me. I keep vacillating on that one! And it’s very important you find an agent that’s totally enthusiastic about your work, so I’m crossing my fingers that Kristin Nelson or Jim McCarthy will feel that way about RIF. And if not then, hopefully someone else! =)

Husband and I went to see X-Men 3 over the weekend. We’re very blah about the whole thing. Both of us LOVED X-Men 1 and 2, so 3 just came as a big disappointment. Parts of it were very pretty, but there was too much of the movie I just didn’t like for me to feel positive about it. I’m one of those who goes into movies that everyone else dislikes or hates and usually like it anyway. Not so this time. Ah well…I’ll just pretend it never happened. *lol* Or hold out hope they’ll do a time travel movie in the future where they can go back and “fix” things. A girl can hope, right?!?


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