RIF: First Request for Full!!!

Wow…I so wasn’t expecting such a quick turnaround on a request for a full. Jim McCarthy of Dystel & Goderich (who was the last agent I e-queried) liked what he saw of the query letter, synopsis, and first chapter I sent to him and requested the rest of the manuscript for his “prompt review.” Hee! I know he probably says that to all the girls, but it still made me giddy to read that! =)

Soooo…um…I am begging my beta readers to try and give the manuscript a quick once-over this weekend. I hate to have to ask for such a quick turn-around, but I really want to do one more polish-up of the manuscript before I send it on to J.M. and I’d love to have it ready by Monday since he gave such a quick turn-around for me. My husband is already about halfway through and should finish it up tonight or tomorrow, so if nothing else I will at least have his comments if you others just can’t fit it in. (And I will totally understand if you can’t!) He is a great beta reader and gives me very honest (and often opinionated – ha!) feedback. No matter the fact I’m his wife.

Actually, he’s already given me a few good comments for things I need to expand. Including the brother storyline that I added in last cause well…I kinda rushed it to get it done and it needs some more fleshing out. Which I suspected would be the case. And a few other nits he picked up on. Like things I know but forgot to explain so readers know!

So in short…um, any betas who can get a quick turn-around on this would be appreciated greatly and I will have your bab…er, I mean thank you in my first acknowledgements section when (must think positive) my first book is published.


7 responses to “RIF: First Request for Full!!!

      • Yup. And realistically, most full manuscript requests don’t result in offers. Fact of the business.
        But who cares? It’s a milestone, and well worth celebrating!!! Screw the odds and all that, and carry on with the happy dance. Until your beta readers get back to you, of course. Then stop dancing and start polishing.

  1. Hey there! Congrats on the request for the full!!!!
    Jim is an EXTREMELY fast reader. I had a turnaround on my full manuscript in one day. So be prepared!
    I’ll try and read the entire thing this weekend, though I don’t know how successful I’ll be…but I’ll try!