RIF: Second Round of Edits DONE!!!

Yay! I’m so happy. Tired, but happy. The second round of edits for Reborn in Fire are DONE, and things are shaping up quite nicely. If I do say so myself. 😉 I’m sitting at just under 88k and the manuscript has been sent off to a few beta readers. Once they make their comments I’ll make a final pass, and I’m sure the book will creep up over the 90k mark. And then I will be DONE! Well, done until an agent and/or editor gets ahold of it, of course. Thinking positively!

Speaking of agents, I sent off another e-query this afternoon, to Jim McCarthy at Dystel Goderich. (Er, I think that’s who I sent it to. I’ll double-check when I’m not so tired.) I think that’ll be the last for a little bit, though next week I plan to send out a few more snail queries. I like to trickle out a few at a time just in case I need to tweak anything as I go.

And with that said, time for bed! Going to read a bit more of Linnea Sinclair’s excellent romantic sci fi, Gabriel’s Ghost, then hopefully go to sleep. G’nite.


2 responses to “RIF: Second Round of Edits DONE!!!

  1. I envy how fast some people on my f-list can get through edits. When I do edits, I block out 2-3 months!
    But, then, my first drafts are probably shoddier 😀
    Good luck!

    • Well, it probably takes us (or me, at least) longer to get through the first draft. I do tend to write very clean first draft, which means the going can be fairly slow at that point. I also try and make extensive notes (both mental and written) with what I need to go back and change/add/clean up later.
      And thanks! =)