Reborn in Fire, Second Round of Edits…

The second round of edits for RIF are going well. The word count is creeping up steadily, and I should have this pass finished in a couple days. I wrote a very emotional scene for the hero and heroine last night and found out a few more things about the hero that surprised me. I thought I knew exactly how his twin brother died, but what he told the heroine shocked me as much as it did her. Tricksy hobbitses…I mean characters!

One beta reader came back with her comments on the first three chapters and I’m quite pleased with what she had to say. Can’t wait to get further comment and then I should be ready to go with entering full-on submission mode! Though I do need to tweak my synopsis somewhat based on the fact the ending changed slightly from when I finished the synopsis.

Updated word count:
Reborn in Fire:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
84,000 / 90,000

One response to “Reborn in Fire, Second Round of Edits…

  1. Glad it’s turning out well! I’m always amazed at how some of you guys can turn out a revision so fast. Sometimes it takes me longer to revise than to write the first draft… I guess I just have sloppier first drafts 😀