Baby and Book Luvin’…

So Friday night we went out to dinner and then visited Babies R Us so I could return the crappy baby carrier I had bought to try out (in all fairness it was prolly just the fact I’m so darned fat that it didn’t work for me) and purchased a Playtex Hip Hammock Deluxe instead. I’ve used it several times since, and compared to the other ones I tried I looooove it. Zack’s just so big–20 pounds and 28 inches and not quite 7 months yet–that none of the others worked well, especially adding the fact _I’m_ so big to the mix. But with the Hip Hammock, he gets to snuggle right up to me yet is able to see the world if he looks around. Plus I can walk around for quite a bit without the shoulder strap bugging me, though I do tend to shift it around just to make sure it doesn’t get the chance to hurt any one spot.

Okie, cutting out of regard for my flist:

Saturday morning Daddy and I took Zack with us to the gym for the first time in order to take advantage of the fact he’s now old enough for their babysitting services. We worked out for about 40 minutes and Zack did just fine. That afternoon we went to the mall so we could hit the book store and walk around for exercise. I loaded Zack in the carrier and he was quite content to let me browse to my heart’s content, especially since I was sure to do a little hip sway whenever I stood still too long. (He tends to get antsy if we’re not _moving_.) We then walked around the mall for awhile and I was very happy with the fact that the carrier did NOT cause any back or neck pain for me. Yay! A nasty thunderstorm (minus the wind, thank goodness! St. Louis got quite enough of that the past couple weeks thankyouverymuch!) hit while we were in the mall, so since we hadn’t eaten since breakfast we grabbed something to snack on at the food court before giving up on waiting the torrential rain out. Shawn pulled the car up to the mall entrance, I ran out with the baby, and we went to our favorite inexpensive Italian restaurant to eat.

I spent more money on books than I should have, but couldn’t resist. I scored C.E. Murphy’s Thunderbird Falls, Jim Butcher’s Dead Beat, Patricia Briggs’ Moon Called, and two books by Linnea Sinclair: Finders Keepers and Gabriel’s Ghost. Linnea is represented by one of my top agent choices so I wanted to snag her books since they seemed closest (if not an exact match) to the books I enjoy reading and writing. I was pleased to see she won the RITA for Best Paranormal with Gabriel’s Ghost. Good for her!


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