Birthday Wishes…

Happy Birthday to !!! May you have a great and wonderful year. =)


Still Around But Busy…

I’m still around, I’ve just been busy with family drama and homework. Will probably be busy the next three (okay, two now since I didn’t get to post this last night!) nights (eek!), but am planning to make another round of edits on RIF this weekend. This time I will have more critical comments from my husband who kept Jim McCarthy’s comments in mind and took another pass through the book.

Ideally I’ll have ‘s comments sometime soon, too. I want to make a couple passes through the book and then, when I feel it’s ready, re-submit it to Jim in a couple/few weeks. I’m really crossing my fingers that if I address the issues he pointed out and work hard at revising, he may be interested in representing it. If nothing else, though, I’ll have a stronger book for it!


YA ideas have been bouncing through my mind. I signed up for a library card last night while I was studying for class so I can read some current YA’s or market research. Not sure whether I’ll write a YA or AV first, but we’ll see!


Oh yes, forgot to mention that I received a snail mail form rejection from Jennifer Jackson for my RIF query. Apparently she WAS the agent I snail queried. Which I figured she was. Disappointed, but not overly so.

Summer Colds Suck…

…they really, really do. Especially when one feels awful and has to go to work anyway. The downside to maternity leave being it sucks up all of your sick and vacation days. Let’s see…only 3 months until I earn new PTO!!!

I do not think I will be attending class tonight, however. I am just so run-down and feeling yucky. It wouldn’t really do me all that much good sitting there, especially since I have to work tomorrow.

Feeling more bummed about the rejection today. Probably because of the aforementioned cold. I think I will feel better again once the cold goes away and I sit down to work on revisions. Going to make a revised copy to re-submit to Jim McCarthy later, and keep the current copy in case one of the other agents likes it as is.

Okay, time to go home. Yay.

RIF: Second Request for Full…

Wow. I’m in a daze right now. Here I am, trying to be patient with the waiting to hear back from the agents who are considering various portions of my manuscript and I just got my second request for a full. This one is from another submission that included the first chapter, so at least I know that my writing style is as good as my query. Now, whether that stays consistent throughout the entire novel is another story. Although I do try not to introduce aliens in chapter 14!!!

Okay then. I’m going to take another look at the full tonight and send it on to the agent who requested it. (Caren Johnson at Firebrand.) This means that out of the 5 e-queries I’ve sent I’ve received one no, one request for a partial, one request for the first 5 pages, and two requests for the full. I haven’t heard anything yet on the query I snail mailed, but that’s not at all surprising since they take longer.

Now to try and keep my feet on the ground! =)