New Metric-y Good (Bad?) ness…

All right, just cause all the cool kids are doing it:

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Submission Stuff…

I’ve been tired the past couple of evenings, so after eating, spending plenty of time with baby and husband, and getting baby safely tucked away in bed, haven’t had the energy to write. Hoping to rectify that tonight as I am soooo close to the end! Things are rolling right along and I am piling all kinds of crap on top of the heroine so she can have her dark moment, struggle, and then come out on top. Yay for piling on your MC’s! =)

I think it’s been three months since I sent the submission (cover letter, synopsis, and first three chapters) to , so theoretically I could hear back on that any day now. For once, I haven’t spent the entire time on pins and needles. I’ve been busy and have also done my best to focus on other things–such as finishing the manuscript ASAP. I’m glad it worked to keep me occupied! So much more fun than when you’re watching the clock, so to speak.

Speaking of which, in my spare time I am working on getting the query letter (for agents) and synopsis up to snuff. I submitted the query letter for critique on AW. If any of you are contributing members there (wink wink, nudge nudge Jess), please feel free to comment. =)