Back for More…

I seem to be making a habit of late-night marathons these (two) days. Sitting down with my trusty candle, some caffeine-free Dr. Pepper, beautiful Celtic music, and the WIP. Hoping I can get at least a couple thousand words done tonight.

First goal: 1,000 words.
Second goal: 2,000 words.
Icing on the cake goal: Anything over 2,000 words.

Hmm, I need to come up with one of those cool metric thingies. All the cool kids are doing it!


One response to “Back for More…

  1. I find I get in the groove better if I have a set time to write. IE, only two hours before bed, or one hour before I leave for work, etc.
    I think the finite time helps me focus.
    Best of luck!