Word Count Update the Third…

First goal: 1,000 words. Goal met!
Second goal: 2,000 words. Goal met!
Icing on the cake goal: 3,000+ words. Goal met!

Current count:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
67,500 / 80,000

Good place to stop, and past my bedtime. School tomorrow night, so a long day ahead of me. G’nite!



Feeling cranky today. Won’t go into the reasons why, though I suspect some are related to the current form of BCP. Am seriously considering switching back to my old kind now that I’m no longer able to nurse the baby anyway. (Okay, so that’s basically the reason why and I did go into it. I’m cranky, it’s my LJ, so there! 😛 )

Let’s see…once again weekend hasn’t gone as expected writing-wise. One major reason was trying desperately to get baby to cooperate today with us trying to take our own professionalish portraits with props, fabric backgrounds, and our digital camera. A few came out, the rest are not to my taste, so we will have to try at a later date. Zack just did NOT want to cooperate today and crankiness ensued for baby, daddy, and most especially mommy.

Bedtime’s near but I have no desire to go to bed yet so I’m going to sit down and try to actually get some words in so I don’t feel this weekend has been a total wash.

First goal: 1,000 words.
Second goal: 2,000 words.
Icing on the cake goal: 3,000+ words.

Cranky Girl going in! (Hey, maybe that could be my super power and I could apply for Who Wants to Be a Superhero with Stan Lee…or not.)