Word Wars: The Solo Edition…

So, is it a word war if you’re doing it with yourself? Perhaps I should call it a solo marathon instead…*grin* Anyway, husband’s sleeping, Zack and my brother are at my mother’s, so I’m settling in for some serious wordage before we have to go pick them up. Ice water: check. Music: check. Vanila-scented candle: check. WIP open and ready to go. 3…2…1…GOING!

Current count:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
59,000 / 80,000

First goal: 1,000 words.
Second goal: 2,000 words.
Third goal: 3,000 words.
Icing on the cake goal: 4-5,000 words.


One response to “Word Wars: The Solo Edition…

  1. What’s with the vanilla-scented candles? mentioned having one burning this morning as well…
    Best of luck! I’m about to Word War with myself, too 😀